2007-09-04: Public Safety Committee meeting

City considers sex offender restrictions like those adopted in other towns.” Union Leader, 2007-08-14.

The bill to pass residency restrictions in Manchester was tabled pending further discussion.

Laurie and Jeremy both attended this meeting, where Laurie presented a speech describing all the things that can go wrong with residency restrictions. Mark Roy (ward 1) was most strongly in favor of the residency restrictions, while the other aldermen—Ed Osborne (ward 5), Daniel O’Neil (at-large), William Shea (ward 7), and Patrick Long (ward 3)—voiced various concerns: The draft legislation prepared by the city solicitor, Thomas Clark, did not specify the specific restriction radius that would be drawn around schools, nor was it clear whether or not current residents would be grandfathered in, or if they would be forced to move. After lengthy discussion about preparing a map demonstrating either 500′ or 1000′ restriction radii, a motion to table was presented by Shea and seconded by Long, which passed unanimously.

Afterward, Laurie was interviewed by WMUR channel 9 news and WGIR 101.1 FM radio.

Prior to the Committee meeting, an information handout and letter were mailed to the aldermen.