2007-10-02: Public Safety Committee meeting

Meeting agenda — Item #15. See pages 50–62 for information about this bill.

This bill remains tabled.

The aldermen adjourned this meeting early, leaving all tabled items from last time—which included the sex-offender residency restriction ordinance—tabled. Apparently the aldermen wanted to get out of there in a hurry tonight. The meeting was spent receiving updates from the police and fire departments, discussing new E-ZPass–like tracking devices that can be used at parking meters, and replacing the large number of small signs in downtown Manchester with a small number of large signs.

Laurie and Jeremy both attended, along with Mark Warden, another Manchester resident concerned with this, and other, issues of liberty. Even though she didn’t testify to the Committee this time, the aldermen were definitely aware that Laurie was there in order to witness the proceedings, and will doubtlessly be following up with them individually later this week.

Leo Pepino, former alderman, showed up to speak in favor of this ordinance, but didn’t get to do so as a result of their early adjournment. He was quite angry at this, calling them a “bunch of idiots” and grumbling about them being more concerned with dogshit than sex offenders. This was most likely a reference to last month’s meeting where the aldermen spent most of their time going over the finer points of dogs fouling Manchester’s city parks.

From where we’re standing, however, if the aldermen want to waste their meetings discussing dogshit, instead of passing it, in the form of new anti-freedom laws, that’s just fine with us.