Human Rights Watch denounces U.S. sex-offender policy

In a 146-page report on sex-offender policy in the United States, Human Rights Watch concludes that the nation’s sex-offender laws don’t protect children from sex crimes very well, but they do lead to harassment, ostracism, and even violence against former offenders. Read the report…

The New Hampshire Citizens Union to Reform Sex Offender Registration (NH-CURSOR) is an organization that seeks to educate and inform New Hampshire citizens about our state’s sex-offender registry laws, how they both overreach and fall short of their goals, and what we can do about it. We recognize that not everyone registered as a sex offender is an actual ongoing public safety threat, and instead of perpetuating “feel-good” solutions that simply don’t work, we seek to bring real, evidence-based solutions to the table in order to deal with sex-offender issues. Our focus is the ineffective restrictions and regulations that waste taxpayer dollars and actually serve to undermine communities’ abilities to effectively protect themselves. This is not to say that we are completely against sex-offender registries as a whole—but what we are against is the broad brush approach that sweeps all offenders into the same basket. We do not sympathize with violent child molesters or predatory rapists. But we do understand that not every registered sex offender is indeed a violent molester or rapist, and we hope to educate and inform other New Hampshire residents as to this important fact about sex offenders and sex-offender registries.